Executive Education

IIMA’s Executive Education Programmes are the most expansive management programmes in India, with a portfolio of over 200 programmes. Our aim is to assist the development of outstanding leaders and this is reflected in our academia.  Our programmes comprise of multiple comprehensive programmes that are tailored to suit your needs and help emphasise your personal and professional growth.

Each programme is designed to address the distinct needs of specific executives at various points in their career, helping them up-skill and progress. Whether you are an Entrepreneur, a General Manager or the CEO, our programmes and its distinctive faculty will facilitate your growth and consequently the profitability of your organization, enhancing your leadership and strategic skills. Additionally, interactions with other high-achieving peers will enrich your experiences and insights.

Executives attending a total of 21 days in one or more programmes are eligible to become a member of the IIMA Alumni Association - an elite group of influential individuals worldwide- that will help you to add to your own vision and leadership.

What Sets Us Apart
Interaction with the Choicest Peers

In IIMA’s Executive Education, you will experience unique peer-to-peer learning: collaborating with a group of accomplished and experienced professionals. You will stand to gain immensely from each other through group discussions, exercises, simulations that will also aid cross-fertilisation of ideas, innovation as well as valuable networking.

The Campus as a Part of the Learning Experience

Designed by Louis Kahn, the IIM-A campus has seen the likes of Vikram Sarabhai walk its hallowed halls. If neither architecture nor nostalgia is your cup of tea, then the presence of state-of-the art classrooms, comfortable lodgings and the presence of one of the most well-known libraries in India would not only pique your interest but also have a positive effect on the time you spend here.

Presence of Exemplary Faculty

IIMA is renowned for its prestigious line-up in terms of faculty, who are celebrated leaders in their respective fields. They bring an amalgamation of theoretical pedagogy as well as contemporary and relevant examples and experiences from real life to our programmes, resulting in holistic learning.

The Case Study Method

Pioneered by Harvard University, IIMA was the first institution in India to adopt the Case Study Method. Over time, this has transformed into one of its strengths. Since 1967, almost 3,000 cases as well as 500 monographs have been written by faculty members. This method engrosses you in a thought-provoking and interactive process of recognising pertinent issues and utilising practical solutions to overcome organisational and leadership challenges, effectively transitioning between theory and practice in order for you to reach a relevant state of praxis.