Inclusive Diversity: Organisations of the future

Start Date: Oct 16, 2023 End Date: Oct 19, 2023
Last Date for Application: October 3, 2023 Last Date for Early Bird: September 25, 2023
Programme Fee: 105000 INR

Plus, GST

Early Bird Fee: 97650 INR

Plus, GST

Today diversity has become the new buzzword in industry. Organisations today employ a diverse work force to reap the gains of productivity, creativity, customer retention and new market explorations. However, just employing numbers from diverse groups does not mean the gains emanating from diversity will be harnessed, much as this is beneficial, it could also create an explosive environment as people with diverse backgrounds may seem slighted by organisation policies that they think favour one group over another. Besides this, not all individuals in an organisation may be accepting of diversity, giving rise to further challenges an organisation must manage. Additionally, organisations may pay lip-service to diversity by neglecting inclusion.

It is in this context that the programme is designed, with a view to sensitising organisations and individuals to the idea of complexities inherent to and goals addressed by diversity. People attending this programme should be open to challenges to their own understanding of diversity so that deeper and richer insights are gained. The programme will enable attendees develop respect for and tolerance of alternate viewpoints to make the organisation a more effective and vibrant place.

For more information or any questions, contact Mustafa Burhani : | +91 87588 00387

This programme aims to enhance participants’ understanding of inclusive diversity and its relevance in the present environment. For this, the programme will focus on different dimensions of diversities: linguistic, socio-economic, socio-cultural, gender and disability. The main idea is to sensitise participants to the bigger picture of inclusive diversity and help create stronger and comprehensive systems in organisations.

In the programme, participants will:

  • Discuss and understand the phenomenon of inclusive diversity and its role for the wellbeing of organisations.
  • Draw deeper insights into diversities, exclusion and inclusion, and the learning needs of organisations from them.  
  • Identify gaps pertaining to inclusion and diversity in systemic issues and deal with them effectively.
  • Develop an overview of wholistic diversity policies.
  • Discover approaches to create and promote inclusive culture at workplaces.

The programme would deal with the themes of religious, caste, gender, language, LGBTQ+ and disability issues. It would also deal with employee voice and the need for pluralism.

The pedagogy will primarily include case studies, class discussions, experiential exercises, fieldwork and presentations to deliver to programme content.

The programme is designed in keeping with the needs of the industry in the present environment and with the goals of promoting diversity. Those who are directly or indirectly involved in ascertaining inclusion and diversity at their workplaces would find this programme very useful.

The programme welcomes participants from all sectors and different geographies. Senior, middle or mixed level managers, entrepreneurs, independent consultants, those operating in non-profit organisations or CSR work can apply for the programme.

Faculty Chair

Ernesto Noronha

Programme Faculty