Leadership Development Program for Chief Legal Officers

Start Date: Apr 29, 2024 End Date: May 1, 2024
Last Date for Application: April 15, 2024 Last Date for Early Bird: April 8, 2024
Programme Fee: 90000 INR

Plus, GST

Early Bird Fee: 83700 INR

Plus, GST

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The Chief Legal Officer performs the role of a strategist, negotiator, risk mitigator, business enabler and conscience keeper of an organization. The role of a CLO in a business draws on a range of skills, requiring demonstratable capability in both legal acumen and managerial decision making.

The Leadership Development Programme for Chief Legal Officers will equip CLOs in the best practises for decision making and problem solving – the skillsets that are adaptable to the needs of the company.

For more information or any questions, contact Ms. Vidya Kadamberi: vidya-exed@iima.ac.in, +91 70690 74821

  • Inculcate strategic thinking and aligning with organizational goals.
  • Changing mindset to position CLOs as key enabler of business.
  • Develop leadership skills to become an effective inhouse lawyer and manager.
  • Building and managing large teams.
  • Understanding diverse roles of CLOs as conscience keeper of the company and trusted advisor to top management team.
  • Strategic thinking and organizational alignment
    Understanding corporate strategy and the need for alignment with organization’s and CEO’s strategic vision.
  • Resolving ethical conflicts and operating in grey area
    How to navigate ethical conflicts and legal dilemmas while operating in unprecedent situations, including decision making in crisis.
  • Team development through mentoring and developing talent
    Different approaches to developing colleagues, motivating the team, becoming a people manager, and understand the organizational systems.
  • Persuasion and influencing
    Making decisions through persuasion and influencing without duress. The session(s) will explore changing attitude, behaviour, and how to influence.
  • Financial Analysis for Decision Making
    Understanding financial statement and making sense of numbers for appreciation of company operations.
  • Right mindset and behaviour
    Inculcating the right kind of mindset and behaviour that help grow at the workplace and how to raise the bar for personal and professional growth.
  • Enabler for businesses and transition into management role.
    Explore how legal departments can become business enabler and not treated as cost centers. Transition from lawyer to manager with the expertise of law.
  • Tools for Decision Making
    The session(s) will explore the tools available for better decision making.
  • Emerging role and challenges of CLO
    Looking at the role and function of CLO, understanding Issues and organizational dynamics CLOs face.

The programme is taught by globally recognised IIMA faculty with diversity of skills and expertise. The programme extensively uses case study method of learning. Real and hypothetical business problems are posed requiring class conversation and engagement.  The faculty draws its experience in company boards, consulting, and research to deliver insights.   

The programme is targeted for:

-          Chief Legal Officers/ General Counsels
-          Chief Risk and Compliance Officers
-          Associate General Counsels
-          Vice Presidents -Law
-          Heads of Legal Departments
-          Legal Directors
-          Company Secretary