Management and Finance For Chartered Accountants (online)

Start Date: Aug 3, 2024 End Date: Nov 10, 2024
Last Date for Application: July 22, 2024
Programme Fee: 350000 INR

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Chartered Accountants, by virtue of their specialization and professional qualification, do well in practice and or in the corporate sector. As practitioners, most of them have rich experience in areas such as taxation, accounts, and audit but this experience limits them from acquiring broader perspective on issues related to economy, business, technology, and markets, which are required to become effective consultants to the clients whom they serve. Similarly, most of the Chartered Accountants (CAs) in the corporate sector tend to have somewhat restricted role limited to the Finance & Accounting function of the firm with which they are or have been associated with. In the process, they miss out on developing a holistic perspective and acquiring required skills to evolve as an effective business manager/ leader. The main objective of this programme is to help CAs in acquiring broader perspective, relevant to the business and management, within and outside their area of expertise and to help them acquire required managerial competencies and skills, so that they can contribute to the clients / organizations / firms they work for, more effectively. This may help them to further their career growth.

Programme Schedule

Session Days & Timings: 
Tuesday & Wednesday: 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (as per IST)
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. (as per IST)


For more information or any questions, contact Ms. Namrata Kansara (+91 9909038772) at

  • Advanced Topics in Finance: Financial statement analysis (getting the bigger picture or to analyse the business model), control systems in complex environment, risk management, valuation of firms and businesses, developments in financial markets, corporate governance, and project finance.
  • Economy and Business: Open-market macroeconomics, economic policies and business, strategy and sources of competitive advantage.
  • Strategic Role of Other Functions: Understanding strategic dimensions of marketing, HR, organizational design and culture, information systems, operations etc.
  • Personal Effectiveness: Advancing personal skills such as effective communication, using data and quantitative analysis, promoting and developing an entrepreneurial mind-set, leadership, managing negotiation etc.

The programme is meant for CAs with more than 3 years of experience who have chosen to work with corporate sector (Indian/MNCs, large/mid-size/small firms), own or work for large CA firms, or consultancy firms. The participants may be sponsored by their employers or be self-sponsored.

The applicants to the programme should be Chartered Accountants and should have reasonable comfort with English as the medium of instruction.

Case sessions, lectures, workshops, tutorials, and participant-centred learning pedagogies will be used in the programme. The programme will also include speaker sessions from the industry and practice.

Faculty Chair

Sobhesh Agarwalla

Ajay Pandey

Programme Faculty