Supply Chain Management

Start Date: Aug 12, 2024 End Date: Aug 17, 2024
Last Date for Application: July 29, 2024 Last Date for Early Bird: July 22, 2024
Programme Fee: 225000 INR

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Early Bird Fee: 209250 INR

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Supply chain management is an in-depth practitioner-oriented executive education programme which enables the participants to understand anatomy of a supply chain and explore means and methods by which the supply chain of an organisation can be managed to enhance its business competitiveness.


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  • To expose participants to the elements of a supply chain.
  • To understand the challenges in coordinating a supply chain.
  • To appreciate the role of the supply chain in enabling business competitiveness.
  • To explore contemporary trends and issues in effective supply chain management.
  • Components of supply chain
  • Coordination issues (Structural, Managerial, and Operational)
  • Supply chain and business competitiveness (Alignment, Appropriateness, and Impact)
  • Innovative practices in supply chain management
  • Supply chain metrics and simulations
  • People-centric issues in supply chain coordination
  • Design and execution of supply chain for business advantage
  • Best in class supply chain management practices
  • Impact of information technology on supply chains
  • Supply chain analytics

Senior and middle managers involved in supply chain management including customer servicing, marketing, logistics (i.e., distribution, warehousing, transportation, etc.), manufacturing (i.e. production planning, materials management, etc.), purchase and sourcing, and third party service providers for logistics and manufacturing. Organisations will benefit by sending multiple participants from different functions at the same time. Selection for the programme will be based on academic and professional achievements and the promise of having a strong impact on the organisation.

Faculty Chair

Ankur Sinha

Programme Faculty