Taking People Along: Managing by Persuasion

Start Date: Sep 23, 2024 End Date: Sep 27, 2024
Last Date for Application: September 9, 2024 Last Date for Early Bird: September 2, 2024
Programme Fee: 200000 INR

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Early Bird Fee: 186000 INR

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Ever found it difficult to implement changes in your workforce because of resistance from your team? Or found yourself agreeing to a plan that you know is not going to work, but could not convince your peers of the pitfalls lying ahead? These are commonplace situations, which all of us face in one form or the other, regardless of our industry, organization or function. And this is where persuasion comes in.


In an organizational setting, we rarely work alone.


We constantly engage with various stakeholders, both internal and external. Research shows that it is not only intelligence and expertise that helps us succeed; persuasion and other communication skills are quite often the key differentiating factors between success and failure.

As a leader, you employ persuasive tactics regularly in your day-to-day functioning. You juggle multiple relationships with varied stakeholders, who play a key role in your work, but over whom you wield limited power. By now, you would have developed your own style of persuasion in your interaction with these stakeholders mostly through your personal experiences. Would you now like to systematically review, analyse and enhance your skills? Tailor it for different levels of audiences – peers, subordinates and top management? Refine it according to the  medium and scope of communication? If yes, then this is the programme for you.

The programme is designed to hone persuasive skills at two levels – individual level and organisational level. At the individual level, we will reintroduce you to different elements of persuasion and influence, and enhance your interpersonal skills. At the organisational level, we will help you understand how different styles of persuasion work for different organizations, cultures and relationships. The best form of people management in organizations is built on persuasion – when people go along with you willingly. This is no cakewalk; there will usually be resistance. But if they go along willingly, you can concentrate on achieving goals without wasting our time worrying about sabotage or back-stabbing. Taking People Along: Managing by Persuasion will help you do that.

The programme will help you master the right persuasion tactics for different situations and contexts so that you are able to:

  • Identify powerful tenets and principles of persuasion
  • Communicate during times of uncertainty
  • Resist persuasive communication tactics
  • Speak persuasively to large audiences
  • Use appropriate persuasive communication for: 
  • Trusted, long-term relationships
  • Upward, downward and lateral relationships

We do not lecture. Instead, we help you plan and execute different acts of persuasion and reflect on them collectively and systematically. You will arrive at your own conclusions, adopt your own resolutions, and chart your own course based on your own individual personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

Apart from all this during the workshop, we will be happy to give you telephonic/online consultation and support for up to two months following the workshop.

It does not matter what functional areas you are currently operating in. It does not matter whether you have an MBA or whether your managerial wisdom is distilled from experience. It does not matter whether you work with a large multinational company or a small non-profit company or run your own start-up. What really matters is a keen interest in taking your persuasive power to a higher level. We welcome participants from different backgrounds and different age groups because everyone benefits from the diversity.

Faculty Chair

Vaibhavi Kulkarni

Programme Faculty