Building and Managing Brands in the Present Era

Start Date: Jan 16, 2024 End Date: Jan 20, 2024
Last Date for Application: January 2, 2024 Last Date for Early Bird: December 26, 2023
Programme Fee: 150000 INR

Plus, GST

Early Bird Fee: 139500 INR

Plus, GST

A few decades back, brands belonged to manufacturers. They could decide on the what, how and how to of brands. The consumers played a role, but that was minimal. In the present era, the balance has shifted to the consumers, thanks to 3 Cs. The 3Cs are Competition (between brands); Co-creation (between brands and consumers) and Collaboration (between consumers). The shift of this balance has been further catalysed by the rapid rise of social media where multilevel interactions between brands and consumer can take place (and spread) almost instantaneously.

Thus, to create and sustain a brand in such times is a challenge for marketers. The marketers need to have a deep understating of the principles of branding, but also a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour and the role of technology in the midst of both. This understanding would help marketers launching new brand and marketers managing existing brands alike. Herein lies the value of the programme that would equip the participants with the necessary skills to develop and maintain brand with string and favourable brand equity.

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To train brand managers in the understanding of how to build a brand and equipping them with the required skills to measure and manage brand equity. 

Module1: Building the brand and brand identity

This module would prepare the participants with the need of building strong brands, how do consumer behaviour and consumer culture shape the way in which brands are formed, and the debate between segmenting the market and then creating a brand or creating a segment with a brand offering.


Module 2: Managing the 4ps of Branding

This module would equip the participant with the optimal use of the 4Ps, i.e. product, price, place and promotion to build strong and sustainable brands. This would also illuminate the participants about the changing trends in the 4Ps brought about by changing marketplaces and technology.


Module 3: Measuring the Brand equity from the Micro and Macro Perspectives

This module would allow the participants to understand the macro (market an industry) and the micro (consumer) level sources of brand equity and how the same could be measured to enable better branding decisions.


Module 4: Sustaining and growing the Brand Equity 

No brand wants to exist for a short period. Thus, the last module would focus on the strategic aspects of brand management that allow the brand to grow and sustain in a competitive marketplace. This module would also focus on issues related to global branding challenges.

The entire programme is based on the concept of experiential learning. Thus, the participants would be expected to come prepared to the class and actively participate in discussions, class activities and even in lectures through questions. The programme would provide immersive learning to the participants that would be the key takeaway from the programme.  

The course is designed for brand managers across levels, who want to understand, measure and develop their branding strategies. 

This programme would also be beneficial for entrepreneurs in their early stages who want to build strong brands.

Faculty Chair

Soumya Mukhopadhyay

Subhadip Roy

Programme Faculty