Creating Entrepreneurial Organisations

Start Date: Mar 3, 2025 End Date: Mar 6, 2025
Last Date for Application: February 17, 2025 Last Date for Early Bird: February 10, 2025
Programme Fee: 160000 INR

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Early Bird Fee: 148800 INR

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Corporate entrepreneurship (also called intrapreneurship/ internal corporate venturing/ corporate innovation) refers to the development and implementation of new ideas within established companies. It is an attempt to inculcate the mindsets and skills of smaller firms within larger entities. Globally, with the proliferation and often-meteoric rise of start-ups, corporate entrepreneurship is increasingly recognised as necessary to protect and even enhance a firm's competitive position. This programme provides an opportunity to understand how novel opportunities are pursued within firm boundaries, design a corporate venturing process, and nurture an organisational appetite for bold experimentation.

  • Develop an understanding of the corporate venturing process and how some firms have managed to embed it.
  • Realise the importance of key variables (innovation, pro-activeness and risk taking) involved in corporate entrepreneurship.
  • Appreciate the many models of corporate entrepreneurship and connect those that fit with your own organisation.
  • Facilitate an environment where intelligent failure is not only tolerated but encouraged.
  • Engage with concepts like the lean start-up, open innovation and design thinking.

Programme Highlights

  • What, why, how of corporate entrepreneurship?
  • Role of design thinking
  • Learn start-up and agile manufacturing
  • Nurturing and embedding an entrepreneurial mindset in large companies
  • Measuring a firm’s environment for corporate entrepreneurship


Major Strengths of the Programme

  • A cohort of participants from different industries to learn best corporate entrepreneurship practices and intrapreneurship models
  • Faculty with research and teaching expertise related to individual and firm level entrepreneurship 
  • IIMA's experience of incubating start-ups at the CIIE (Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship)
  • Strong contextualization of cases and readings
  • Provide the analytics, models and tools required to foster entrepreneurship within the firm

The programme will use a mix of pedagogies, such as:

  • Case studies
  • Simulation
  • Lectures
  • Group projects
  • Role play

The programme is designed for senior executives who have a role and responsibility in establishing and managing ventures within an existing organization; who are charged with creating a start-up environment to nurture embryonic businesses within organisations or envisage themselves occupying either of these roles in the future.

Faculty Chair

Amit Karna

Mukesh Sud

Programme Faculty