Managing Startups

Start Date: Mar 3, 2025 End Date: Mar 7, 2025
Last Date for Application: February 17, 2025 Last Date for Early Bird: February 10, 2025
Programme Fee: 200000 INR

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Early Bird Fee: 186000 INR

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This programme is for entrepreneurs in early-stage startups who are looking for frameworks to manage and scale their ventures. The discussions will center around 6 pillars of startup success – product and customer experience, entrepreneurial finance, branding and marketing, control systems, business design, and people and culture. The case-method pedagogy at IIMA will place you in the shoes of startup founders who navigate the complexities of the market, business models and people management to find opportunities to grow their ventures.

The programme focuses on addressing finance and marketing-related challenges in early-stage startups. New ventures typically start with limitations in resources, networks, and prior knowledge on market opportunities. These limitations introduce significant ‘unknowns’ to their growth strategy. Thus, conventional tools of financial and marketing analyses are rendered ineffective. The programme will introduce participants to emergent business models, critical analysis of these models and innovative marketing approaches for new ventures in digital and non-digital domains. In the process, they will also develop an ability to analyze firms in various industries.

a.    Developing an entrepreneurial mindset
b.    Evaluating new market opportunities
c.    Managing cash burn
d.    Comparing business models
e.    Evaluating financial returns
f.    Addressing partnership issues
g.    Incentives and risk management
h.    Internal controls and governance
i.    Growth, scaling, and cash flow
j.    Valuation
k.    Go-to-market strategy
l.    Customer acquisition strategy
m.    Branding
n.    Managing startup teams

- How should you identify and evaluate opportunities for growth in the market? 
- How can you translate customer insight into a brand that stands out and scales?
- What is product-market alignment? How can you achieve it?
- What are the tools and metrics to assess the marketing and financial performance of new ventures?
- How can you design organizational processes and culture that set you up for growth?
- What objectives should you set and key results should you track to achieve sustainable growth?


Faculty Chair

Neerav Nagar

Neerav Nagar

Arun Sreekumar

Programme Faculty