Unpacking the Storytelling Toolkit for Leaders

Start Date: Jan 16, 2025 End Date: Jan 18, 2025
Last Date for Application: January 2, 2025 Last Date for Early Bird: December 26, 2024
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For centuries, we have used stories to make sense of the world. We use stories to forge connections, create a sense of community and communicate our core values with each other. There is ample research demonstrating the significance of stories in how they shape our world as well as our individual identities. And yet, many of us are not able to leverage the power of storytelling. This programme is designed to enable leaders to leverage the power of storytelling by using effective methods.

Leaders need to recognize and harness the art of strategic storytelling.

Storytelling is a skill, and like all skills, it can be acquired and refined through knowledge and practice. IIM Ahmedabad is now offering a three-day programme in a workshop mode, taking corporate leaders through a hands-on experiential learning journey that will allow them to harness the power of stories. After the workshop, participants will be able to answer three crucial questions - Why do stories matter? How do they shape our world? And how can we harness the potential of stories in our leadership journey?

The programme will begin by helping participants recognize the ubiquity of stories, and as a consequence realize the power of both visible and invisible stories surrounding us. Second, it will highlight the myriad ways in which leaders, politicians, and governments utilize stories. And third, it will facilitate participants in finding and delivering their own stories.

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to learn the essentials of crafting and narrating a compelling story and master the art of choosing and narrating their story across different settings: presentations, speeches, pitches, meetings, crucial conversations, and all forms of persuasive communication. More importantly, they will learn how to leverage stories to generate broader narratives that shape organizational culture, create vision, initiate change and drive action.

I. Introduction to Storytelling: The segment will help participants recognize the ever- pervasive presence of stories and answer the question – why do stories matter and how can they be leveraged for leadership? The sessions will examine how stories construct our social reality and play a crucial role in influencing our perspectives.

  • Understanding why stories matter
  • Identifying hidden frames and subtext within stories


II. Storytelling in Practice: The focus will be on the way in which leaders utilize stories. This will include unpacking different storytelling techniques used across various contexts, and application of these techniques for specific goals.

  • Introduction to storytelling structures, archetypes, and tools
  • Using stories strategically to achieve leadership objectives; learning from master storytellers
  • Mastering the art of customizing stories across different settings: presentations, speeches, pitches, meetings, crucial conversations, and all forms of persuasive communication.


III. Finding and Narrating Your Story: This segment will include exercises that help participants find their stories. They will learn how to identify the ‘right’ story, apply a suitable structure to craft their story so as to ensure that the narration does not fall flat, and how to deliver their story with impact.

  • Creating and customizing your personal ‘story bank’
  • Incorporating principles of effective public speaking in your story
  • Breathing life into the story

The programme will use a mix of pedagogy, including videos, role plays and simulated exercises to deliver the content.

The programme welcomes senior level executives from private and public organisations across industry segments, entrepreneurs, senior members of government organisations, leaders in the non-profit sector and advocacy groups.

Senior managers, corporate leaders and those responsible for making business decisions and decision execution will also benefit from this programme.  

Faculty Chair

Vaibhavi Kulkarni

Programme Faculty